WATCH: Cape Town woman shares scary interaction with Gauteng police

WATCH: Cape Town woman shares scary interaction with Gauteng police

A TikToker from Cape Town recently posted a video sharing her fear of Gauteng traffic police.

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TikToker Michelle de Sousa recently posted a video in which she recalled a scary interaction with a traffic police officer in Gauteng.

The former Cape Town resident, who now lives in Johannesburg, started by sharing her experience of being pulled over by traffic police.

De Sousa was on her way to Fourways when she got pulled over in this specific incident.

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What seemed like a normal interaction quickly turned creepy, setting off alarm bells for the woman as the officer started asking her peculiar questions.

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After asking for her licence, as per usual, he asked her who her husband was. After answering him, the officer noted that her surname was not the same as her husband’s.  

She then had to explain to him that the surname on her licence was different from her husband's, as she hadn't changed it yet.

The interrogation didn't stop there; he also proceeded to ask her where she lived while leaning on her open car window.

The woman eventually asked the officer if she looked familiar to him as she got concerned by the continued questions.

"He said [to me] 'Yes you, you look very familiar,'" the TikToker said.

Eventually, after a while of awkward interaction, she asked if she could leave, and the police officer let her go.

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"He didn't even make way. He didn't move, didn't even give me space to move. He was just hovering, like hovering by my window."

Scared and nervous by the interaction, she finally rolled up her window and made way.

Thinking back on the incident, De Sousa kept trying to make sense of the interaction.

"So I don't know if it's because I'm a woman alone in the car or… I don't know. Are they like scammers? Are they real?"

She added that she had never, in the seven years that she lived in Cape Town, been pulled over by a cop, but the first week she moved to Johannesburg, she got pulled over.

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