Cellphone snatcher in Lynnwood strikes twice during lockdown

Cellphone snatcher in Lynnwood strikes twice during lockdown

How can you protect yourself from a phone snatcher? 

cellphone snatcher
Source: Twitter screenshot

The crime is called 'apple picking', a slang word for cellphone thefts or robberies, and the crime is common practice, particularly during the lockdown. 

Criminals snatch smartphones on the street and inside restaurants, and then resell them. 

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This incident happened in Lynnwood in Pretoria. CCTV footage shows a few people sitting at the outside area of a restaurant. A man walks past, turns around, and grabs one smartphone and goes to grab a second one, before jumping into a white getaway vehicle.

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How to mitigate the horror of having your phone snatched... 

  1. Enable auto-lock
  2. Have a mobile tracking app installed
  3. Erase your personal data remotely
  4. Back up your smartphone data

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