Introducing 'Chief Albert Lootfreely House'...

Introducing 'Chief Albert Lootfreely House'...

Another important name change has been brought to Google Maps!

Luthuli House
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You just have to love Mzansi’s sense of humour.

On Monday, one South African, who is anonymous at this point, decided to hop onto Google and change the name of Eskom's head office.

LOOK: Eskom's head office name has hilariously been changed on Google Maps

The building formerly known as Megawatt Park has been changed to 'Eskom MegaGravy Train Park'.

You can see the name change below:

Eskom's head office building name changed from Megawatt Park
Google Maps/screenshot

Now, South Africans have been blessed with another hilarious name change on Google Maps.

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Originally named Chief Albert Luthuli House, the ANC headquarters was changed to 'Chief Albert Lootfreely House'.

Chief Albert Lootfreely Street

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