Child prevented from writing exams due to outstanding fees

Child prevented from writing exams due to outstanding fees

Know your rights when it comes to not being able to pay your child's school fees.

exams / pexels
exams / pexels

Outstanding school fees are every parent's fear, especially for single mothers.  

That fear came true as a child was prevented from writing exams due to outstanding school fees. 

A single mom wrote to Parent24 for advice. 

"Good day, 

My children have been excluded from exams because of outstanding fees. They go to a private school in a suburb outside of Joburg. Their report cards have also been withheld since the beginning of the year.

I am a single parent currently going through financial struggles. Their father passed away and their family from the father's side doesn't assist with anything.

It's hard to go to the school and explain the situation because the teachers can be very rude and embarrass you in front of children and you walk out of the class in shame. I know that as a parent it's my responsibility to make sure the fees are paid, but as a single parent it's sometimes very hard to make ends meet.

The school should rather deal with me directly instead of embarrassing my children and causing them emotional stress on the time of exams.

The school is really not considering the children's rights to education. They are violating those rights. Worse even as a parent when you try and discuss the matter with the SGB you get embarrassed and in front of children.

I would like to know if the law allows schools to exempt children from final exams because of fees, and to also with-hold reports? 

Please help"

According to Parent24, no matter how far behind a parent is on school fees, the school cannot withhold a report or bar the student from writing exams. 


Schools should consult with parents and should give parents the assistance to transfer the child to a more affordable school.

At this late stage of the year, a school should not disallow a child from writing his or her exams. 


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