Child steals handbag at Steers in under 45 seconds

Child steals handbag at Steers in under 45 seconds

Can you believe a mother is behind this? It could just be the worst parenting ever. 

Steers robbery
Steers robbery at Paarl Mall in Western Cape/Twitter

A video which surfaced on social media over the weekend shows a woman, presumably the children’s mother, scope the scene while her child steals a handbag.

The eldest daughter sneaks behind a woman, who is sitting at a Steers restaurant. Once she has the bag, she immediately gets up and the rest of the family walks away as if nothing happened!

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The incident happened in Paarl Mall in the Western Cape.

Always keep your belongings close to you, even when you feel it might not be a dangerous area.

Has this ever happened to you before?

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