Clinical psychologist on bullying, COVID-19 effects, and pressure on children

Clinical psychologist on bullying, COVID-19 effects, and pressure on children

Clinical Psychologist, Candice Cowen, joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to weigh in on the important developmental aspects of a child. 

Candice Cowen
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She reminds us that children are resilient and shares tips on how to support children during the different phases in their life. 

Cowen reminds parents of the basics, saying: “The lack of structure and predictability caused anxiety in children. Peer pressure and how to fit in has definitely increased. Kids are being influenced by how other households are run.” 

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What effect does the COVID-19 pandemic and peer pressure have on children, asks Martin Bester? 

Candice says the age group that is struggling the most is 10 to 14 years of age. They need activity and the lack of structure is completely throwing them. Kids are experiencing social anxiety after a year of changes. 

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Questions from listeners:  

How do you deal with bullying? 

You need to equip kids with how to identify bullying and how to deal with it. The school needs to be implementing repercussions. Adults need to stop the bullying and do something about it because the bullied child probably has already tried everything in their power to stop the bullying.  

How can I help my kids to reduce the anxiety of me (the parent) going back to work?

Implement daily routines of a ‘normal’ day at home. Eat at a certain time, get dressed in the morning, work during work times. 

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