Community take matters into own hands after man steals cellphone

Community take matters into own hands after man steals cellphone

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times: South Africans are fed up with crime.

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As South Africans, we know there are many great things about our country. 

Realistically, we are also aware of the numerous bad things in our country, which, unfortunately, often seem to outweigh the good.

One of the biggest concerns for South Africa is safety and an extremely high crime rate, so it would come as no surprise that community members start taking matters into their own hands. 

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A recent video shared on social media platform X shows a group of community members doing just that.

The video shows a group of men beating up another individual after he allegedly stole a woman's cellphone.

"Just happened. People are TIRED of crime. He stole the lady’s cellphone," wrote user @WhiteLionII1, who shared the video. 

You can watch the incident HERE. Warning: Not for sensitive viewers and viewer discretion is advised. Please note that JacarandaFM does not condone violence in any form and we are highlighting this story as a means to show you what is happening in our country.

The alleged victim can be seen walking around frantically before approaching the culprit. 

She manages to stop the group of men from beating him up further while saying, "You stole from me. I forgive you." 

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She continues trying to prevent any further attacks, asking the community members to stop. 

According to the X post, the incident happened in Sea Point in Cape Town

A follow-up video also showed police taking the man into custody. 

Watch here:

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