WATCH: Connell Cruise and Liesl Laurie turn on the charm on Breakfast

WATCH: Connell Cruise and Liesl Laurie turn on the charm on Breakfast

The South African singer-songwriter and dance king is charm and charisma personified!

Connell Cruise Breakfast
Breakfast with Martin Bester

Cruise was selected as one of 12 celebrity contenders to participate in the debut season of 'Dancing with the Stars South Africa'. Latin dance champion, Marcella Solimeo, was his partner.

Liesl Laurie was also a strong contender in the competition, but after months of grueling dancing, Cruise and Solimeo took home the trophy.

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Martin Bester had an interesting challenge for Liesl and Connell - The #InMyFeelingsChallenge. Step aside Mannequin Challenge, there is a new viral challenge in town and Martin Bester seems to love it. Instagram user, "theshiggyshow", started the challenge. It requires a lot more rhythm and many celebrities and social media users have posted about the challenge and we want to get in on the fun.

We think Liesl and Connell absolutely nailed it!

Connell Cruise released his self-titled debut solo album in 2013 and his music career has moved from strength to strength, especially after moving to New York in 2015. 

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Cruise just returned from New York and brought his elegance to Breakfast with Martin Bester with a special performance on Friday Live.

He will performing at the Barnyard Theatre on 9 August.

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