Crisis! There’s a shortage of Marmite in South Africa

Crisis! There’s a shortage of Marmite in South Africa

If you believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you’ll be sad to learn there’s a shortage of the much-loved Marmite.  

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Shoppers, especially in Pretoria, have taken to social media to find out why there’s a scarcity of the spread. 

Supplies of Marmite have been affected due to brewer’s yeast being in short supply. 

Deborah-Ann Sharwoord, head of communications at PepsiCo SSA, says the last few months were difficult for the Marmite factories because they struggled to get enough stock of yeast during the national lockdown. 

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Marmite is made of spent brewer’s yeast, and two of Marmite's yeast suppliers in South Africa were not allowed to trade due to the restriction regulations. Yeast – a by-product of beer manufacturing - is the key ingredient in Marmite.

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