A Croatian celebration in studio with Martin Bester
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A Croatian celebration in studio with Martin Bester

The World Cup has produced some amazing moments throughout its history and in Russia it is no different! 

Dario Croatia
Breakfast with Martin Bester

Croatia has secured their spot in the World Cup 2018 final to play against the mighty French.

Croatia, which has a population of little more than four million, will go into the final for the FIRST time in their short history. They are the smallest nation to make it to the final since Uruguay back in 1950.

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Dario from the Embassy of Croatia joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to celebrate their semi-final victory. Of course Dario didn’t hesitate to bring us amazing treats called Makovnjača, orehnjača and zeljanica as well as herb brandy true to Croatia.

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This morning might be the most important prediction made by the Russian. Croatia vs France: Who is it going to be? Take a look at Dario’s prediction below.

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