Dear men: An open letter to all men from women

Dear men: An open letter to all men from women

Women have for centuries spoken about what it is that they would like men to know, but it seems that may have fallen on deaf ears for some of you.

Dear Men Breakfast

A letter that you will carry it with you, learn from it, and pass it on to your sons so that they may treat women the way they would love to be treated.

Dear men, the E word is an exceptionally important word. E stands for effort. Message me to let me know you’re thinking of me, even when you’re out with the guys. Take out the trash. Call to say nothing else, other than that you are thinking of me.

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Dear men, take note of the things women say they like - this could be roses, books, chocolates, beer or even a new sexy piece of lingerie. When a woman is angry at you, there’s a good chance that if you buy her any of these items, they will take you one step closer to forgiveness.

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Dear men, if women say they are fine, it usually means you’re in trouble. Fine is an indicator that you have done something wrong. Fix it.

What would you like to tell men?

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