Did you spot the ‘strange black circle’ in the sky over Pretoria?

Did you spot the ‘strange black circle’ in the sky over Pretoria?

Did you see the strange black circle in the sky? 

Strange black circle Breakfast
Source: YouTube/CrimeWatch

Pretoria residents could not believe their eyes over the weekend. People took to social media to ask their Facebook friends if they could also see a strange black circle in the sky.

The ‘black circle’ was ‘floating in the sky’ on Saturday evening in the northern parts of Pretoria.

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Residents of the capital city expressed confusion regarding a ‘Meteor-like’ object in the sky in August, and this weekend they were left baffled yet again. 

Did you see anything completely out of the ordinary in the sky on Saturday evening?  

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According to the Pretoria Rekord: “Tshwane emergency services spokesperson Charles Mabaso said firefighters received a call around 18:20 about a transformer that exploded in the Annlin area.” 

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Image credit: YouTube/CrimeWatch

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