Do you know what's in your boerewors?

Do you know what's in your boerewors?

The South African staple, boerewors, now needs to meet a particular set of standards to be sold in South Africa. Here are the new specifications...

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New regulations regarding the classification, packing, and marking of certain raw processed meat products have recently been set in place by the government.

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Minister Thoko Didiza announced new regulations around the Agricultural Product Standards (APS) Act on Friday.

These regulations included a clear definition of what boerewors is and what it isn't.

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According to Bussines Insider, the new regulations state that processed meat can only be called boerewors if:

  • The wors has a minimum total meat content of 90% and a fat content of no more than 30%.
  • The wors is contained in an edible casing.
  • The meat comes from "domesticated animals of the bovine, ovine, porcine, or caprine species, or from a mixture of two or more thereof". 
  • The ingredients only include; the meat itself, cereal or starch, vinegar, spices, herbs or salt, food additives, and water.
  • It doesn't contain any edible or inedible offal, except "where such offal is to be used solely as the casing of the raw boerewors".

Following the new regulations, the Championship Boerewors Competition also announced its newest winner on Saturday, 27 August. Welcome Magoso, a Senior Meat Technician from Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal was announced as the winner of the 30th Championship Boerewors competition. 

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