Does this car use R40 to fill up a fuel tank?

Does this car use R40 to fill up a fuel tank?

Just how much does it cost to fill up the Bajaj Qute car? 

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It could be a dream to own a car that is economical and does not require a lot of money to fill up a tank. The latest in fuel price fluctuations means South Africans will have to pay way more money to be able to commute from home to their workplace. 

The Bajaj Qute is a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive. It can take four passengers and is classified as a quadricycle. 

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However, Jacaranda FM reported that the car does not qualify as a roadworthy vehicle, Bajaj Qute does not qualify as a car. In fact, according to Bajaj the vehicle falls under what is called a quadricycle. This is because of the car's characteristics, which are those of a three-wheeler and a car. 

The car retails at R75 000 and is available in Madagascar, Mozambique, and South Africa.

However, it did not stop South Africans from having fun guessing how much petrol it would take to fill up the Bajaj Qute. 

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One Twitter user suggested it will only take R40 to fill up the tank! 

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