This is the effect coffee could have on your spending

This is the effect coffee could have on your spending

A new study suggests that drinking coffee before shopping could lead to spending more money!


According to Sky News, a study published in the Journal of Marketing, found that drinking a caffeinated beverage before shopping led to greater spending.

Researchers conducted the study using tea, fizzy drinks, and caffeinated drinks to see which one would lead to more impulsive buying. 

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The effects of caffeinated drinks led to higher purchasing of "high hedonic" items such as scented candles, fragrances, décor items, and massagers. 

Researchers believe that caffeine leads to more impulsive spending as it has been known to lead to increased arousal. This increased arousal could lead to an enhanced perception of products' features. 

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"We found that the caffeine group spent significantly more money and bought a higher number of items than those who drank decaf or water," the researchers said.

According to Sky News, caffeine could have negative financial consequences. "Consumers trying to control impulsive spending should avoid consuming caffeinated beverages before shopping."

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