Droomsindroom's first English single is officially on its way!

Droomsindroom's first English single is officially on its way!

South Africa's favourite sibling duo, Droomsindroom, is releasing their first-ever English single on Friday, 31 May.  

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Proudly Afrikaans but also Proudly South African! The Pretoria brothers, Droomsindroom, gained fame with their energetic hits and songs like 'Hey Sonneblom' and 'Dans Alleen', and now they're releasing their first English song.

One thing all South Africans can do is dance. Some do the sokkie, some waltz, others Afro Beat. 

'Move Your Way' is a typical South African song with all the colourful components of our dancing people and regardless of how you dance, you can dance your own way.

Kirsten and Kyle started challenging people on social media to teach them a few dance moves. Although they can both play nearly every instrument, they were born with two left feet, and the dance moves they perform sometimes result in hysterical, laugh-out-loud moments.

'Move Your Way' is an English Afro-pop song that is still true to Droomsindroom's energy and style.

"We have received a lot of comments recently from non-Afrikaans speaking people saying, 'We love your vibe, please translate.' So, the result is 'Move Your Way" - truly South African, everyone can sing along and move."

On Friday, the song had its first exclusive play on Breakfast with Martin Bester, but not before the popular duo performed their version of Euphonik and Mi Casa's hit, 'Don't Wanna Be (Your Friend)'.

'Move Your Way' will be available on Friday, 31 May, along with an amazing new music video. 

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