Elandré performs 'Teenage Queenie' for Friday Live

Elandré performs 'Teenage Queenie' for Friday Live

South African star Elandré performed the hit single, 'Teenage Queenie', for Friday Live. 


Well-known South African singer and songwriter, Elandré, joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to kick start the weekend on a high note. 

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The star performed the hit single, 'Teenage Queenie', by Pussycat for Friday Live. 

Watch the performance below: 

Elandré also launched his brand new album, 'Rugsak'.

This is not an album that cares about norms and conformity. 

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The album has its own colourful ideas about how music, people, relationships, and the world should look and work.

In the eleven tracks that the album covers, there is, peculiar to Elandré, an unmistakable carelessness in lyrics and melody, but also a very deep wisdom and perspective that, in an almost playful way, things like identity, self-esteem, character, unpacking and viewing authenticity, love, dreams, challenges, inspiration, ambition, and renewal. That is precisely why the title track - which carefully exposes an entire backpack full of precious life lessons in a track with a strong acoustic undertone - is so appropriate.

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Image: Elandré/ Jacaranda FM

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