Elma Smit shares her first flight experience during lockdown

Elma Smit shares her first flight experience during lockdown

Are you wondering if it safe to fly during the holidays? Watch footage of Elma Smit’s airport experience to get an idea.

Elma Smit at the airport
Elma Smit/Video

How safe it is to fly right now or in the near future?

Many people have been contemplating domestic travel and now as the holidays are approaching, people would like to travel even more. 

According to the Airports Company South Africa, all persons entering the precinct of the airport will be screened for COVID-19. 

Passengers must wear a mask for access to the terminal building. Passengers who have a temperature of higher than 37.2 degrees, will not be permitted to enter the airport.

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The World Health Organisation has pointed out that the containment of the virus is feasible and must remain a top priority, so it’s important that we all remain informed and do our part to prevent the spread of infection.

Air travel, by its very nature, puts people in close physical proximity of others, which increases your chances of contracting any contagious disease. 

The same is true of travel in buses and taxis or visiting shopping malls and other busy places.

Have you wondered what it’s like to fly? Elma Smit flew to Cape Town and documented the experience for us!

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