EMPD officer threatens to shoot “at close range”

EMPD officer threatens to shoot “at close range”

A video is circulating on Twitter of an EMPD officer threatening to shoot a civilian “at close range”.

EMBD in Springs
Source: @RomanCabanac

Martin Bester saw the video on social media and immediately contacted the Office of the MMC. 

MMC for Community Safety, Cllr Phaladi Mmoko, commented on the video by saying: “The Office of the MMC Community Safety has noted the circulating video clip of EMPD Officers effecting arrest on a member of the public who tried to resist arrest. What caught our attention is the presumption that Officers had acted in contempt of the law, and that the conduct was almost an act of brutality."

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He went further by saying they are investigating the matter today to better understand the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“It took place in Springs on Wednesday. Such kind of confrontation would not have happened innocently. It looks wrong. I will come back with full details but we condemn any use of excessive force.” 

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