Enraged woman sits on bonnet of moving Landcruiser, refuses to get off

Enraged woman sits on bonnet of moving Landcruiser, refuses to get off

A woman from Namibia went into a fit of rage after a man from Otjiwarongo drove into the back of her car.

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Source: Informanté

The fender bender occurred when the woman suddenly stepped on her vehicle’s brakes next to the parking area of the Embassy Mini-Mark.

According to the Informanté Facebook page, a witness said that the man driving a Landcruiser station wagon with an Otjiwarongo registration number attempted to get out of the way of other motorists in the busy street when the woman jumped out of her car and onto the bonnet of the four-wheel-drive vehicle.

The driver of the Landcruiser parked on the sidewalk and attempted to speak to the enraged woman, who insisted on sitting on the bonnet of the Landcruiser until the Namibian Police or members of the traffic department of the Windhoek City Police could attend the scene.

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The woman refused to speak to the man from Otjiwarongo when he attempted to give her his details, which would have enabled both to go to a police station where minor traffic accidents are normally registered. 

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