Exclusive to Breakfast with Martin Bester: The Mother of All Makeovers reveal

Exclusive to Breakfast with Martin Bester: The Mother of All Makeovers reveal

Are you ready for the Mother Of All Makeovers reveal? 

Marilize after
Photo: Kevin Mark Pass

Mother’s Day was a lot different this year. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many children have not been able to celebrate their mothers by visiting them physically. 

Mother’s Day is a celebration honouring the mothers and this year Breakfast with Martin Bester wanted to make it extra special and make the lost time all worth it. 'The Mother Of All Makeovers' competition aimed at giving your mother or the person dearest to you the makeover she has always wanted. 

Marilize Sandilands won the Mother Of All Makeovers and the big reveal happened on Breakfast with Martin Bester on Friday morning.

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Marilize's daughter sent a heartfelt entry for her mom: 

"She has gone from adopting me as a little baby girl, to mother of 3, to losing her dad, to leaving her life in the North West for Pretoria for her kids, to getting divorced, to being diagnosed with breast cancer, to losing her breasts hair and confidence, to surviving the dreaded disease, and she STILL cares for those around her as if she does not need any caring herself. Her light still shines. 

My warrior-mom, Marilize, has not just been through losing it all, she has been through losing it all more than once. Losing her hair and breasts was one thing, but losing her ability to live a healthy life is more devastating. But, despite it all, her eyes shone brightly with hope and she continued to care for those around her who did not need it as much as she did."

Marilize received a wardrobe change, a shopping spree, a new haircut and a photoshoot! 


Photo: Supplied


Marilize Mother of all make overs
Photo: Kevin Mark Pass

A special thank you to: 

Photographer - Kevin Mark Pass

Master Wardrobe Planner -Madeline Rossouw

Madeleine Rossouw 14 May
Source: Jacaranda FM

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