EXCLUSIVE: "Electricity went up by over 700% in the last decade"

EXCLUSIVE: "Electricity went up by over 700% in the last decade"

Financial commentator Justin Harrison gave us an insight into the real cost of electricity in South Africa and how you could save!

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Have you ever wondered which items in your house use the most electricity and break the bank?

Justin Harrison is a financial commentator and content creator. His TikTok account, moneytribe21, explores the electricity costs of everyday household items. He can also be heard on Jacaranda FM's own 'The Money Podcast'.

In an exclusive interview on Breakfast with Martin Bester, Harrison shared some of his wisdom and money-saving tips.

"The thing that costs you the most money in your house next to the geyser is an electric kettle," Harrison said during the interview. 

Harrison revealed a few interesting facts about electricity usage in South Africa and the cost of certain household items. Here are a few things to consider:

  • "If it heats or cools - that's where the money is going". Harrison revealed that things like air conditioning and geysers are probably the most costly items in your household. To this, he also added that it would be a good idea to also reduce the heat on other items such as tumble dryers and washing machines. 
  • Simply moving from post-paid (metered) power to pre-paid power is one of the best ways to save money. Harrison believes that there could be something wrong with Eskom's billing. He also stated that pre-paid power makes you aware of how much you are spending rather than getting a bill at the end of the month. 
  • Reduce your own usage. Harrison is of the opinion that South Africans should attempt to fix power usage issues in their own homes. "Reduce your own usage, and don't leave things on".
  • Lastly, Harrison said "yes" to replacing your household items with newer generation items that are energy-saving. "Older generation items use over 50% electricity than their successors. 

In our latest Money Podcast episode on JacPod:  How to save money on electricity! Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester have more great advice to put money back into your pockets. They also break down which appliances use the most electricity in our homes! Listen now via jacarandafm.com – under JacPod!

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