Experts reveal shelf life of make-up and cosmetics

Experts reveal shelf life of make-up and cosmetics

We're all guilty of leaving certain beauty products at the back of our drawers for years before using them again. 

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Are you unsure if your make-up is expired? Experts say lip gloss only lasts one year. If you use a blending sponge, it should be replaced every month!

Beauty experts uncover a few products’ shelf life because leaving cosmetics untouched for too long can cause damage to our faces. It could be an infection or irritation, particularly with products used on the eye. 

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Did you know: The symbol to look out for on the product is the outline of an open jar. This includes the letter 'm', which means month, and a number before it, which stands for the amount of months you should keep it once opened. 

Lipstick - 18 months - two years

Foundation - One year

Lipgloss - one year

Makeup sponges - Wash after use, then throw away after one month

Fragrances - 8-10 years

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