Experts share five kidnapping prevention tips for parents

Experts share five kidnapping prevention tips for parents

Experts Prof Gerard Labuschagne and Greg Wilford joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to share views on how to prevent kidnapping.

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The violence towards women and children is taking its toll on South Africa. Forensic Psychologist Prof Gerard Labuschagne shares his views on how to prevent kidnapping in South Africa. 

"Statistics about kidnappings in South Africa aren't a true reflection of what is actually happening," Prof Labuschange says.

The workshop is to give people more information about kidnappings and how to prevent them.

Dr Labuschange and security expert Greg Wilford shared five tips with Breakfast with Martin Bester on how to prevent kidnapping. 

1. Always remember that it can happen to you - be prepared.

2. Parents must prepare children - share details with them (numbers, addresses and names) 

3. Teach people to look out for signs - never be alone. 

4. Remember details of the kidnappers - try and stay calm and focus. 

5. When you are kidnapped - try and scratch or take something for the kidnapper for DNA. 




Prof Labuschange along with security expect Greg Wilford, who will be running a Kidnap Prevention Training Programme workshop this coming weekend. 

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