Facts parents need to know about chat service Telegram

Facts parents need to know about chat service Telegram

Social media law expert Emma Sadleir joins Breakfast with Martin Bester to discuss chat services Telegram, Signal, and WhatsApp. 

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The popular messaging platform WhatsApp is updating its terms and conditions section in an attempt to further promote Facebook integration.

The new Ts and Cs are compulsory and users will have to agree that WhatsApp can share their data with the tech company or they face losing access to their accounts.

According to the company, these changes will officially come into effect from 8 February. So any user who has not agreed to the new terms will no longer be able to use the messaging service from that date.

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Have you seen the pop-up message and clicked the 'agree' button or are you thinking of using alternative chat services like Signal or Telegram? 

Social media expert Emma Sadleir joins us to discuss children using Telegram, what parents need to be aware of, and why WhatsApp is a safer option. 

Listen to the informative discussion below:

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