Fight outside Middelburg pub raises eyebrows once again

Fight outside Middelburg pub raises eyebrows once again

Another video has surfaced of a few men fighting outside a bar.

Middelburg fight April
Source: Middelburg Reporter YouTube video

Just over a month ago, Breakfast with Martin Bester posted a video of a bar brawl at a pub in Middelburg. 

A video has surfaced of another fight outside the same pub. 

In this video taken on a cellphone, a man can be seen tackling a woman. A few men tried to get the man off the woman. 

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Bystanders can be seen trying to diffuse the situation. 

It is still unclear after watching the video why the disagreement started. 

According to the Middelburg Observer, eyewitnesses say a man stormed into the venue and started shouting at everyone. 

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Owners of the pub confirmed that people who start fights inside or outside the watering hole will be banned for life. 

DISCLAIMER: Video contains strong language and is of a violent nature. 

The video can be viewed here. 

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Image credit: Middelburg Reporter YouTube video

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