Finding the fun with singing moms

Finding the fun with singing moms

Nicolene and Lilian are the epitome of fun!

singing moms
Breakfast with Martin Bester

They have been best friends for 16 years and love singing in their pajamas.

They started #BFFKARAOKE and we love their spirit and zest for life!

The idea of singing in front of a crowd can be intimidating, but Nicolene and Lilian aren't scared of anything.

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The besties sent us a video of them singing in their car and we absolutely love it!

@lillian.maser82 #bffkaraoke Nagklere karaoke @martin.bester @jacabreakfast

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If you are having a bad day, this will definitely brighten it up!

We love Lillian and Nicolene’s zest for life! Did you sing along in your car?

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They entered the competition to win a breakaway worth R30,000 to the Ivory Tree Game Lodge and you can too!

Post a picture of yourself on social media wearing pajamas to work, using #JacaBreakfast, and you could WIN!

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