Five items that use the most electricity in your home

Five items that use the most electricity in your home

Being at home during lockdown, are you wondering why your electricity is running out so quickly? 

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Martin Bester has a problem with his prepaid electricity meter and does not understand why he is getting less units for the money he puts in.

If you have received a different number of units for the same amount purchased in the same calendar month, the reason is the steep tariff that municipalities use. 

Let’s see if Martin Bester gets more units when he buys electricity on the 1st of every month. 

There have been many electricity queries since Martin brought up the topic and listeners wanted to know what the five items are that use the most electricity in your home.  

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So, Breakfast with Martin Bester spoke to energy expert Ted Blom, who shared his knowledge with us.  

Heaviest to lighter consumption in your home: 

5. Home heating and cooling - Underfloor heating, aircon, heaters (approximately 2Kw/h)

4. Geyser (2-3 Kw/h intermitted)

3. Pool motor (2-3 Kw/h timer)

2. Laundy items - Tumble dryer, washing machine (1-2Kw/h) weekly

1. Kitchen appliances - Stove, oven, dishwasher, kettle (1-2 Kw/h) short bursts

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