Former Miss SA in hospital after massive truck crash

Former Miss SA in hospital after massive truck crash

Former Miss South Africa was one of six people injured when a truck crashed on a busy Cape Town road.

Truck in Cape Town
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Former Miss South Africa Cindy Nel-Roberts was one of six people injured after a 24-wheeler truck spun out of control on Kloof Nek Road in Cape Town on Tuesday morning, 12 September.

According to News 24, the truck smashed into several vehicles in the Cape Town CBD before it jack-knifed and overturned into an apartment building.

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The former Miss South Africa spoke to News 24 at a hospital where she was treated for shock and minor injuries.

“I am so traumatised, but I am fine. I was driving on Kloof Street and going about my business, and I found it unusual that such a big truck was driving on that road,” she said. 

Nel-Roberts also said her vehicle was “dragged for 100 metres and spun out of control”.

“As I was turning, I heard a screeching sound, and the truck knocked into me and dragged my car for 100 metres and spun out of control.”

News 24 further reported that the truck driver was trapped inside the truck's cabin.

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Luckily, a contractor who witnessed the incident rushed over to the truck driver and saved him from the cabin.

The truck was en route from Camps Bay when it lost some of the frozen fish boxes it was transporting.

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