Francois van Coke and Mzansi Youth Choir team up for 'Die Wêreld Is Mal'

Francois van Coke and Mzansi Youth Choir team up for 'Die Wêreld Is Mal'

This reinterpretation of 'Die Wêreld Is Mal' gave us goosebumps! 

Francois and the Mzansi Youth Choir
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Francois van Coke's second solo album, 'Hierdie is die lewe', was released in 2017 with 'Die Wêreld Is Mal' as one of the tracks on the album. 

Three years later, van Coke collaborates with the Mzansi Youth Choir to release a reinterpretation of the song. The choir consists of 45 choristers from Soweto and other areas in and around Johannesburg.

The musician said, "'Die Wêreld Is Mal' is about my journey and that I am constantly on my way home. I have been touring for 14 years but now things are different. I live in a house I love. I have a wife and a child. The world is crazy but I have something that anchors me.”

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The reinterpretation of the song with the Mzansi Youth Choir is simply incredible!

Since the first Francois van Coke & Vriende concert kicked off in 2018 at Sun Arena in Pretoria, it quickly became a highlight with Francois’ fans and sells out every year. Last year, just under 10,000 people attended the concert. COVID-19 did not stop the concert this year and Francois van Coke & Vriende Livestream 2020 happened on 18 September! 

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