Friday Live: Jo Black performs 'Rig Jou Oë Na Die Berge'

Friday Live: Jo Black performs 'Rig Jou Oë Na Die Berge'

Legendary musician Jo Black performed 'Rig Jou Oë Na Die Berge' on Friday Live - and it was beyond amazing!

Jo Black
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One of the most prominent Afrikaans singers in South Africa is the talented Jo Black. 

He not only entertains but is passionate about building a better society and helping the youth.

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He founded the 'Be That Guy/Be That Girl' organisation, which is aimed at putting a stop to bullying. 

According to the organisation’s website, the charity promotes integrity, respect, honour, leadership, positivity, and building each other up among the youth toward their peers.

The 38-year-old has been in the music industry for a few years but has achieved greatness. He is an amazing vocalist who has become a household name in South Africa, thanks to his incredible musical talent.

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Black visited Breakfast with Martin Bester - and this time around he performed his hit song, 'Rig Jou Oë Na Die Berge'.

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