Friday Live: Karen Zoid dedicates new song 'They Cut The Power' to Eskom

Friday Live: Karen Zoid dedicates new song 'They Cut The Power' to Eskom

Musician Karen Zoid performed 'They Cut The Power' live on Breakfast with Martin Bester with her co-writer and son Ben Francis. 

Karen and Martin
Ben Francis

On Friday, South African singer-songwriter Karen Zoid joined Martin Bester and the Breakfast team for a live performance of a new original song, 'They Cut The Power' co-written by Zoid's son, Ben Francis.

Martin Bester also caught up with the South African rock star, singer and songwriter about her current work and life. 

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Karen Zoid is a South African rock singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer and now also a talk show host.

Due to her critically acclaimed work in both the English and Afrikaans music industry, she has been dubbed South Africa's "Queen of Rock". 

The singer is also known for hosting the kykNet television series 'Republiek van Zoid Afrika' and was one of the judges on 'The Voice' as well.

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Zoid, born Karen Louise Greeff was Born in Brussels and grew up in Belgium before later moving to Johannesburg.

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