Friday Live: Kurt Darren performs 'Die Goeie Ou Dae'

Friday Live: Kurt Darren performs 'Die Goeie Ou Dae'

South Africa's 'Loslappie' performed an acoustic version of 'Die Goeie Ou Dae' on Friday Live. 

Kurt Darren
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South African singer-songwriter Kurt Darren performed an acoustic version of his hit single, 'Die Goeie Ou Dae', on Friday Live.

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After Darren got everyone dancing with his high energy single 'Party Tyd', which was released in 2020, he's back and it's time for everyone to get together around the fire and think back to the good old days.

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Whether you are sitting on the beach or strolling in the bushveld, Darren invites you to sing along and share a little about the happiest times of your lives.

Sometimes you get so caught up in the problems of the present and actually forget about all the good experiences you could share with your neighbour. Or you get so busy that you neglect to catch up with a few friends again about how much fun you had laughing and jolling together, while you just create new memories.

Watch his performance below:

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