Start your weekend with your favourite Dr Victor songs

Start your weekend with your favourite Dr Victor songs

#FridayLive gives you a taste of what to expect at this year's Off the Beat ‘n Track with Dr Victor.

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Think of some of the most popular South African songs... what are some of the first tracks that come to mind? 

It has got be ‘Give Me Hope Jo'anna’ and ‘If You Wanna Be Happy’ by Dr Victor, who is one of South Africa’s music legends and is performing live at Off the Beat 'n Track at the Big Red Barn in Irene on 21 April.

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Dr Victor has a formidable touring track record and has opened for stars such as Gloria Estefan, Janet Jackson, and Paul Simon, to name a few.

Even though it is Friday the 13th, we are here to turn your luck around with three unbelievable live performance from this South African legend.

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Can you feel the excitement?

Dr Victor performed 'Give Me Hope Jo'anna' and the crowd at Tracker loved it!

Dr Victor surprised us with another performance after the show. If you missed it, here it is:

Tracker and Jacaranda FM are proud to announce the return of Off the Beat ‘n Track, a mountain biking and music event set to offer routes for family members of all ages.

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