Gauteng residents fork out thousands for alcohol

Gauteng residents fork out thousands for alcohol

The Beer Association of South Africa (BASA) has urged South Africans to act responsibly now that booze is back on the shelves.

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Drinkers can once again buy their favourite drinks after the country moved to level 2 of the lockdown at midnight on Monday.

The association said in a statement on Monday that there needs to be an emphasis on responsible and moderate alcohol consumption. 

South Africans, however, went out in their numbers to purchase their favourite drinks. 

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A Johannesburg man spent more than R20,000 on alcohol on the first day of the resumption of alcohol sales. 

The man shopped at Strubens Valley and will share his purchases with his friends who contributed to the R20,000 bill.  

Many are stocking up so as not to come up short if the ban on sales is reinstated again. 

Alcohol was banned at the start of lockdown in March, then resumed, only to be banned again in July, to the dismay of shoppers and suppliers.

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Spirits such as whiskey, gin, vodka, and even wine that has the potential to age well can last a very long time on the shelf. 

However, your favourite beer doesn’t fall into that category. Listen below. 

What does your liquor trolley look like? 

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