WATCH: Gauteng residents horrified over giant rats spotted in Alex

WATCH: Gauteng residents horrified over giant rats spotted in Alex

You have to see it to believe it!

Giant Rats
TikTok/ Screenshot

South Africans all over TikTok were left in disbelief after a video of giant rats, spotted in Alexandra township, went viral.

The video shows disturbing visuals of five rats, the size of cats, scurrying along a wall in Alex. 

“People in Alex must appear in parliament and explain what they are feeding these rats.”


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According to News24, Alex is notorious for having a huge rat infestation.

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TikTok users were shocked, with many saying they don’t believe that these critters were actually rats.

"I've seen these things, I doubt they're rats. Too big to be rats," said one user.

"It feels wrong to call them rats, they must have their own name," said another.

And a personal favourite: "Those can only be capybaras. I refuse to believe they are rats."

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Briefly reports that dealing with a big rat problem in a community is possible, but with much effort.

The most complicated aspect of dealing with the issue is that it will need to involve the community, the municipality, and a pest control company.

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