Gauteng teen starts mobile carwash during lockdown

Gauteng teen starts mobile carwash during lockdown

Have you seen Connor Michau’s innovative mobile carwash in Vanderbijlpark? 

Connor car wash
Supplied: Connor

Breakfast with Martin Bester spoke to Connor who started a mobile carwash business in the South of Gauteng over the lockdown period, with work being scarce. 

He visits customers’ homes on a bicycle. Attached to the bicycle is a cart with a small vacuum cleaner and car washing equipment, 

Connor told Martin Bester, “I felt there was no work during the lockdown and I went to create work for myself. You need to fulfill your dreams.”

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The innovative young entrepreneur proudly said he is fully booked for the week. He has to wash six cars today (22 July 2020) and another 20 cars are waiting in line for the rest of the week.

Are you interested in  Connor washing your car? He charges R40 for a car, R60 for a bakkie, and R80 for a bigger vehicle. 

Book your appointment today: 063 772 8500

Connor car wash bicycle
Supplied: Connor

Pro racer, Gary Formato heard about Connor on Breakfast with Martin Bester. He was inspired by Connor's desire to build o a new career in these difficult times. Gary took the initiative to provide Connor with a MCP and after two weeks Gary was happy to report that it is adding to his success story in Vanderbijilpark! 

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