Get ready! The 'Friends' reunion special is coming

Get ready! The 'Friends' reunion special is coming

The 'Friends' reunion will start streaming on 27 May 2021. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TV productions around the world had difficulty producing in time. Products were halted and no one knew when their favourite shows would return, however, we have some good news; the reunion we’ve been waiting for is finally coming to our screens! 

The 'Friends' reunion, called 'The One Where They Get Back Together,' starts streaming on HBO Max at the end of May.

Friends confirmed on their Instagram that filming is completed. 

"That's a wrap! 🎬 Could we BE anymore excited!?" the caption read below a photo of the show's iconic marquee. "Friends: The Reunion is coming to @hbomax."

The star-studded 'Friends' line-up will be gracing our screens with special guests such as David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Kit Harrington, Reese Witherspoon etc! 

Image credit: Instagram/ Friends

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