Hangover anxiety or 'hangxiety' is causing people to stop drinking

Hangover anxiety or 'hangxiety' is causing people to stop drinking

The anxiety of having a hangover is causing people to give up alcohol. 

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Some weekends we all like to go out for a few drinks, however, when you wake up the next morning you feel like you might die with the hangover you have. 

Thoughts go through your head of: "Did I embarrass myself?" or "Did I say something wrong?" Everything is now just causing anxiety.  

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Yes, hangover anxiety is a thing. Hangover anxiety – or ‘hangxiety’ – is a legitimate phenomenon which directly impacts some people’s moods and goes hand in hand with physical hangover symptoms, such as headaches and nausea.

The symptoms can also be psychological such as feeling depressed or anxious, with many people feeling the effects of this the morning after drinking alcohol because they are withdrawing from its effects.

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As alcohol leaves the body during the night, it also depletes your levels of serotonin, the chemical that regulates our mood, so you might feel even more stressed the next day.

Have you ever had 'hangxiety?' 

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