'Harlem Shake' turns 10!

'Harlem Shake' turns 10!

The song behind the viral 'Harlem Shake' dance has reached its 10th birthday. 


The song that sparked the viral dance trend, 'Harlem Shake', was released on 22 May 2012, marking its 10th birthday on Sunday. 

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The 'Harlem Shake' dance trend took the world by storm in 2013.

"One person, surrounded by seemingly oblivious bystanders, dances solo to the song for 15 seconds, often pelvic thrusting or otherwise dancing with repetitive, jerky movements. Then the beat drops, and everyone joins in with bizarre, flailing dance moves and sometimes elaborate costumes or other variations on the trend."

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The trend spread like wildfire and people all over the world participated, including well-known groups and celebrities. 

American indie rock duo Matt & Kim holds the Guinness World Record for the largest-ever 'Harlem Shake' after bringing together a crowd of 3,344 people dancing to the song.

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