Have you seen this blue couch in Johannesburg?

Have you seen this blue couch in Johannesburg?

Due to the looting and protests in South Africa, many valuable things went missing from stores.  

Sedgers home couch
Source: Sedgers Home Instagram

A few days ago, Sedgers Home in Johannesburg posted that they have one couch missing in their showroom.  

Sedgers Home specialises in modern furniture and lifestyle items. They posted on their Instagram account: “Hi fam, Our Springfield store was looted. We are also missing a blue couch. If you see it please tag @sedgershome. We are willing to exchange it for something that fits the house. #StaySafe #UniteSouthAfrica.”  

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Local TikTok star, Tums Mmope, had social media in stitches when she posted a video about ‘finding’ the missing couch.  

Tums is from the West Rand and posted this video below:  

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We hope the beautiful blue couch makes its way back to the Sedgers Home Springfield store soon!  

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Image credit: Instagram/Sedgers Home

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