Here is the latest diet trend!

Here is the latest diet trend!

'The Human Being Diet' is said to "restore metabolic balance". Read about the latest diet trend here!

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'The Human Being Diet', created by Petronella Ravenshear, requires dieters to only eat 600 calories (2510.4 kilojoules) a day. 

The nutritional expert claims that her diet will help people to lose weight, feel more energetic, and sleep better.

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According to the Daily Mail, 'The Human Being Diet' has sparked controversy as it is seen as a highly restrictive diet regime. 

"The diet includes two days with no meat, fat or alcohol and instead dieters just eat 100g worth of vegetables blended into a soup.

After that, dieters can introduce meat and other forms of protein into their diet - but no oil or alcohol is allowed, meaning those on the diet will eat around 600 calories a day for two weeks."

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Ravenshear has insisted that this is not a diet but rather a "three-month programme to restore metabolic balance".

The diet is set out in four phases.

Phase 1: Preparation. 2 days of vegetables only

Phase 2: Reset. 14 days of eating 3 meals a day, combining equal weights of one type of protein and a mixture of vegetables and eating 1 apple a day 

Phase 3: Burn. 10 weeks of a continuation of phase 2, with the addition of olive oil and a weekly treat meal  

Phase 4: Forever. A continuation of phase 3 and a discovery of which foods best suit us. Experimenting with extra treat meals but maintaining the HBD principles.

Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor or dietician before starting any new diet.

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