This is how much air is in your potato chips packet...

This is how much air is in your potato chips packet...

Would you like some chips with your air, sir?

Potato chips crisps

A recent report shows that some of the most popular potato chip brands have between 14% to 37% air in their packets. 

According to Business Insider, large bags of chips are usually only filled with two-thirds of chips, with the rest of the packet consisting of mostly an air-nitrogen mix. 

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The average percentage of air in popular chip brands was 27%, with the lowest amount being 14% and the highest at 37%.

Manufacturers of famous chip brands confirmed that consumers are not being ripped off. The air-nitrogen mix in chip packets is meant to protect the treats and keep them fresh. 

Business Insider confirmed that the "chip-to-nitrogen ratio in an average packet is a complex process driven by several factors". There are also many regulations these brands must comply with when adding the nitrogen mix to their packets. 

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After measuring the percentage of air in some popular chip brands, Business Insider found that although the chip-to-air ratio differs for most brands, all the bags had approximately the same net weight of chips inside. 

*These percentages are not exact, but they give a good idea of the air percentage in popular brands. 

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