"I can't do this anymore" - Demi Lovato breaks down on social media

"I can't do this anymore" - Demi Lovato breaks down on social media

In a series of Instagram stories, Demi Lovato revealed why she would no longer be able to tour in the future!

Demi Lovato
Twitter/ Demi Lovato

On Tuesday, September 13, singer Demi Lovato announced that she will not continue touring in the future due to an unidentified illness. 

In the since-deleted stories, Lovato wrote: "This next tour will be my last" and "I love and thank you, guys".

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As part of the posts, the 'Sorry Not Sorry' singer disclosed that she is suffering and she "can't get out of bed". 

These posts were made just hours before Lovato was meant to perform in Chile. 

Soon after posting them, however, Lovato deleted the posts, assuring fans that they are "gonna power thru". 

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According to the Daily Mail, Lovato continued with her performance in Chile and afterwards thanked fans on Instagram for helping her during the performance. 

"You guys reeeeally came thru tonight.. thank you so f--king much - I love you more than you know".  

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