"I have never been this scared in my life" – Truck driver stuck in North West

"I have never been this scared in my life" – Truck driver stuck in North West

President Cyril Ramaphosa has warned of looming food insecurity amid the ongoing riots in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

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Businesses have been brought to their knees over the past few days as communities emptied the shelves in ongoing looting sprees. 

President Ramaphosa spoke to the nation on 12 July on the way forward for the country amid the protests. 

Ramaphosa pleaded with the country to desist from acts of violence. 

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We have seen many images of burning trucks, looted retail shops, and buildings on fire. 

Trucks carrying food and fuel supplies had to stop in their tracks as protestors are burning trucks.   

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One truck driver called Breakfast with Martin Bester to explain the horrible conditions truck drivers are experiencing at the moment. After days of driving, Nathal said he is now stuck in the North West and does not know when he can return back to work or go home.

TMPD's Isaac Mahamba explained what the way forward is. 

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Image credit: ECR/KZN Government 

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