If your boss has these traits they're probably a psychopath

If your boss has these traits they're probably a psychopath

It is well-known that many people in power might have specific traits of a psychopath or narcissist.

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There is no way to underplay the impact a boss can have on a person's mental health and daily life, as people often spend more time at work than at home.

Scientists from Anglia Ruskin University say some managers are so manipulative that they should be classified as 'corporate psychopaths'.  

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Corporate psychopaths are driven by money, power, and control, and they are willing to do almost anything to get them, according to the researchers.  

According to Daily Mail, around 0.6 to 1.2 per cent of adults are defined as psychopaths. 

Dr Clive Boddy, the lead author of a study conducted by Anglia Ruskin University, said: "Highly psychopathic senior businesspeople who were quite plausibly genuine psychopaths are visible in commercial history."

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"This new study aims to understand whether some corporate scandals and bankruptcies feature senior corporate officials who might be workplace psychopaths, and this has demonstrably been the case."

So, according to the study, if your boss has a combination of these traits, they might be a psychopath:

1. Superficial charm

2. Apparent intelligence

3. Lack of sincerity or truthfulness

4. A tendency to cheat

5. A lack of remorse

6. Being emotionally shallow

7. Lack of self-insight

8. Calmness

9. Apparent rationality

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