Elma Smit to report live from the Cricket World Cup
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Elma Smit to report live from the Cricket World Cup

If there is one person that knows everything about sports - it is our very own Elma Smit.

Elma Smit bats for the Cricket World Cup as one of the Insiders in the United Kingdom

Every morning between 06:00 -09:00, Elma Smit brings you the sports on Breakfast with Martin Bester.

Her knowledge of sport is endless, so it made perfect sense that Elma was selected to be one of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup Insiders in England and Wales. 

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Elma will be broadcasting the latest cricket news and results to the world, while her Jacaranda FM sports bulletins will be broadcast live on Breakfast with Martin Bester from England and Wales. 

"It is a massive new challenge for me, but I am ready to make everyone proud," she told Jacaranda FM. 

"I will be alone most of the time, and will, of course, miss my husband and cats the most," she said. 

Stay tuned for updates here!

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