Elma Smit shares some of her favourite moments from the Cricket World Cup

Elma Smit shares some of her favourite moments from the Cricket World Cup

If there is one person that knows everything about sports - it is our very own Elma Smit.

Elma Smit to report live from the Cricket World Cup
Instagram / Elma Smit

Every morning between 06:00 -09:00, Elma Smit brings you the sports on Breakfast with Martin Bester.

Her knowledge of sport is endless, so it made perfect sense that Elma was selected to be one of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup Insiders in England and Wales. 

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Elma will be broadcasting the latest cricket news and results to the world, while her Jacaranda FM sports bulletins will be broadcast live on Breakfast with Martin Bester from England and Wales. 

"It is a massive new challenge for me, but I am ready to make everyone proud," she told Jacaranda FM. 

"I will be alone most of the time, and will, of course, miss my husband and cats the most," she said. 

Elma shared some of her favourite moments so far: 

"I was totally star struck. Actually, I felt a bit shy to ask for a photo - since I usually try to rather chat with someone and make a connection. I’d rather have that memory, that story to tell - over a photo. But with Malala I couldn’t help myself, I immediately started gushing about how big a fan my sister is and how my friends back home would flip out if I got a photo with her. She seemed totally down to earth and very grounded though. So ‘normal’ - I don’t know what I expected, perhaps someone who had become more aware of her standing and stature, perhaps? More of a diva? More unapproachable? But no. Winning a Nobel prize is a pretty massive deal, but she doesn’t behave like it at all. What I’ve been surprised by, is how many people from Pakistan are not fans of hers. So many trolls responded to my posts about her."

"The opening match was such a fantastic occasion, I got quite teary-eyed when the South African anthem came on. England fans were certainly in the majority, but there was a very South African flavour to the atmosphere. Plenty of Afrikaans! Working with Jacques Kallis was pretty amazing, such a legend of SA cricket and he was incredibly gracious even though we kept on asking him to do Facebook live crossings and updates all day. I could tell he was being pulled in so many different directions, everyone seemed to want a slice of his attention. It was also a great working experience because we had, by then, cut our teeth on a few warm-up matches but everything had built up to that occasion. I didn’t sleep much, the night before and I couldn’t imagine the level of pressure the players must have felt on that morning!"

"Bristol is a lovely (&lively!) University town with loads of gorgeous sandstone architecture, most of it amazingly well-preserved since it was a very wealthy city at the height of its maritime era, but it also escaped most of the Second World War bombing that decimated cities with major industries. 

The cricket ground in Bristol feels like a county ground with a very intimate atmosphere. There are hotels looking out over the grounds in Manchester and Southampton, but the apartment block looking out onto the Bristol pitch is incredibly close to the action also due to the small boundaries."

"Everyone thought England looked well placed to finally win the title, but after their back-to-back losses to Sri Lanka and Australia, things are looking very good for Australia and India. I do think it would be amazing if New Zealand or Pakistan could grab it from the claws of one of those two nations!"

Stay tuned for updates here!

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