"It's a dream come true" - Breakfast with Martin Bester chats to Miss SA 2019

"It's a dream come true" - Breakfast with Martin Bester chats to Miss SA 2019

South Africans were overjoyed by Tunzi's win, hailing her as a role-model for natural African beauty. 

Miss South Africa 2019

On Friday, Miss South Africa 2019 was crowned, with Zozibini Tunzi walking away with the title. 

Martin Bester called Tunzi on Monday morning to talk about the special crowning moment. 

"I dropped to my knees - I hoped my reaction would be prettier," Miss SA 2019 said. 

"I looked at my pictures and me crying is not the prettiest thing."

Martin Bester replayed the crowing moment to her and the listeners. 

"Oh my goodness! - what a moment!" she reacted.

"It's a dream come true and my family is so proud."

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Last night I had an incredible dinner with honorable Minister @stellarated. She invited me because she found interest in what I had to say in my Q&A rounds on pageant night. She wanted to find out more about what I want to achieve on my year of reign and to see if we could possibly collaborate. We had brilliant conversations. As if that wasn't enough I received a call from the honorable president @cyrilramaphosa to congratulate me and to wish me well on my journey ahead. It is safe to say that we have hit the ground running. I am so excited for the year ahead. I asked God to put me in a position where I could do something impactful for my country, where I could do something to help and he gave me the Miss SA platform. I am extremely blessed ❤️🙏🏾 #buhlethecrown

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Tunzi will be joining Breakfast with Martin Bester on Thursday, 15 August, for an in-depth chat.

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