It's a Friday Live on a Thursday! December Streets performs 'Heatwave'

It's a Friday Live on a Thursday! December Streets performs 'Heatwave'

The rock band December Streets performed 'Heatwave' by Glass Animals on Friday Live!

December Streets
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This year, the band December Streets is back with a bang and release their first single 'Same Faces' off their new album that was released in March 2022.  

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The band attributes the 'Same Faces' creation to a common testing ground many relationships were forced to endure during the pandemic.

With the reality of relationships of all walks of life being put to the ultimate stress test through long periods of time in confined spaces - the single talks to the immanent nature of blending into one life, one character and one face for better or worse. 

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Digging into the meaning of the song, the lyrics speak to monotony, repetition and the slow eradication of a relationship. To the point where you do not recognise the person you once knew. You barely even recognise yourself. You’re faces become the same repetitive face, in a spiralling fall to the inevitable.

December Streets visited Jacaranda FM and performed 'Heatwave' by Glass Animals on Friday Live. 

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