Januhairy? Women are embracing their body hair with new movement

Januhairy? Women are embracing their body hair with new movement

A new movement is trending on social media - and it's called Janu-hairy.

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A student from the UK started a movement to embrace her hair because she is tired of society imposing their standards on her.

She then started an Instagram page called 'Januhairy' and invited others to join the movement.

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Breakfast with Martin Bester weighed in on the topic.

"It's a big no for me. I am very hairy and I must also think about my hygiene. I also work in an industry where I get photographed," Liesl Laurie said. 

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"see me // within it all I never saw myself seen I didn’t know of a language to make it make sense, feel real, to make it stick. surface living to quell the anxieties of not knowing who you are and where you come from. a void is not a dormant soundless hole, it can be a chaotic dissonant space, it can be a vortex at your core that wrings you out and leaves you broken. if I don’t see me, am i real? our stories buried and burned, histories willfully misrecorded, bodies brutalized and distorted. the heavy labor of our existence, the work that works to piece the pieces. our tongues cut, leaving us speechless, their language was never meant for us, our work is our narratives in flux, sounds, words, images, movement that is us. all new but rooted in a knowing that is before us all. even in my younger days where I never knew a world like this could exist for me, I felt a stirring that pushed me forth despite no blueprint or support, whatever that force was I thank it every day, and I work to nourish it." — @monicagreatgal via @girlgaze

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Martin Bester is looking for the hairiest woman to share her story with the team. 

Let Breakfast with Martin Bester know below.

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